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We represent courts, charitable organisations and private individuals in the area of estate settlement and consultancy..


We are available to district courts throughout Germany in our capacity as estate curators, estate administrators and executors of wills. Due to the location of our office we work mainly for district courts in the Rhein-Main area but also in many cases for courts in other areas of Germany.

Our many years of experience with the requirements for settling estate matters guarantee that the business will be handled without unnecessary correspondence, with the estate inventory produced at the earliest opportunity, regular reports and invoices produced on time and clearly comprehensible.

In addition we solve any problems which occur ourselves and do not burden court officials / judges with questions. We discuss further procedures with the court at the right times (e.g. for the sale of property, financial investments, questions of procedure) in order to set the right course from the outset in questionable cases.

We take care of every detail as we want to take the burden off you. Small or large, easy or difficult, whether it's a case of international problems or a messy flat.

Charitable organisations

In many cases charitable organisations only receive money in the form of a legacy. In such cases there is no need for any estate settlement.

However, if the organisation is made the sole heir or together with others, such organisations may then be overstretched if they do not have their own legal department.

Too few staff and not enough knowledge of the subject.

Here we are happy to help and we will manage the process and, if desired, turn the estate into liquid assets. If further organisations are also heirs we will pursue swift agreement and if necessary we will mediate between the parties involved.

Discretion and fast, transparent management as well as appropriate, respectful treatment of the dependants and the estate - these are our watchwords.

Regular reports presented to the board / management of the organisation go without saying.

Private individuals

The proportion of estate management cases involving private individuals has risen sharply in the last few years. That is not surprising as the legal barriers relating to inheritance law, the fiscal obstacles and other bureaucratic impediments have grown continuously.

There are numerous benefits in handing the settlement to a professional estate administrator:

  • There is no need to deal with matters on a daily and repetitive basis which remind you of the deceased in trivial ways
  • All questions and problems which arise are dealt with by the same people
  • The settlement time is considerably reduced
  • We are at all times at the disposal of the heir(s) for information or for receiving instructions
  • The required steps are quickly and correctly implemented with the result that problems don't even occur and there is no frustration or anger
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the subject combined with our experience ensure that the settlement is handled competently and discretely and safeguards all rights and options for the heir(s)
  • It is always unpleasant to have unknown third parties in your house when a death occurs. Even worse for many is the idea that third parties who have no relationship with the parties involved and no understanding now deal with the estate matters which occur (e.g. clearing the flat).  Don’t worry: we know what it feels like.

"Settling our father's estate with company, property and holiday home in Spain is something we could never have managed on our own - thanks to Mr. Petersen everything went smoothly."

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