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Determining the heirs

In many probate proceedings all or some of the heirs are unknown, or known heirs are unable to document their right of succession.

This can become significant if, for example, there is no will and statutory succession applies. Even cousins (3rd order heirs) frequently don't know each other any more or have lost contact.

Or there is landed property in the estate and a certificate of inheritance must be presented to the land registry. In this case and also as part of the inheritance certificate procedure, the succession must be listed and documented without any gaps designating all legal heirs by their name.

Whether in the course of a complete estate settlement or as a single brief, we identify the "missing" heirs worldwide or procure the documentation required as necessary proof.

If research from Germany via letter, telephone, e-mail or internet no longer suffices, we have an extensive network of contacts in many countries who can investigate locally with registry offices, parish offices, archives and private individuals.

Beispiel eines Taufscheines

"Settling our father's estate with company, property and holiday home in Spain is something we could never have managed on our own - thanks to Mr. Petersen everything went smoothly."

Family Strohbeck, Wiesbaden

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