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Estate settlement and consultancy

Our core business: We will settle all questions and problems in connection with your inheritance. Ideally you won't have to do anything and you will be kept continuously informed of all steps in the process as well as of results and the conclusion of the case.

We take up our work on the basis of a brief together with an estate settlement power of attorney. Naturally we will happily be at your disposal for a meeting at your place of residence / head office of the organisation or the testator's place of residence anywhere in Germany at your soonest convenience. A meeting with you, our client, and any others involved in the process (co-heirs, tax consultants, etc.) and inspection of the documents available will give a first impression of the steps that have to be taken. On the basis of the power of attorney issued to us we will obtain information from all bodies involved, e.g. credit balances at banks on the day of death, insurance benefits, funeral provision contracts, foreign bank accounts, etc. The tax office, creditors and others will be kept informed of the situation and if necessary asked to remain patient. Together with you we will draw up a settlement concept which we will then work through quickly and effectively step by step.

So the first thing we normally do is to check what the estate contains, draw up a list of assets and debts, settle any outstanding matters, act as go-between among the co-heirs, defend unjustified claims from creditors and the tax office, produce income tax and inheritance tax returns and create a plan for preserving or selling the assets inherited. As lawyers we already take care of all legal problems as part of our brief, and we will advise you on legal questions relating to inheritance and estates at no extra charge.  In the course of settling the estate, assets are frequently liquidated and distributed among the co-heirs on the basis of an apportionment plan. In some cases it may also be necessary to apply for an inheritance certificate, and here we will take care of all the formalities and use our best efforts in court to ensure that it is issued promptly.


  • Appointment

  • Sequence of events

  • Costs

Typische Abwicklungsfelder

  • Funeral, tending the grave, transfer and reburial

  • Certificate of inheritance

  • Pension rights

  • Tenancy

  • Inventory, valuables

  • Property

  • Companies / company shares

  • Contracts

  • Financial investments

  • Taxes

  • Co-heirs

  • Foreign assets

  • Creditors, debts

  • Collection of claims

  • Special problems

"Settling our father's estate with company, property and holiday home in Spain is something we could never have managed on our own - thanks to Mr. Petersen everything went smoothly."

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