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Executing the will

We become involved as "executors of a will" on behalf of private individuals and frequently also by appointment of the courts.

Any private individual can stipulate execution of the will in their will. And the person desired to be the executor can also be named. If the person desired cannot or does not want to act as executor, the will can stipulate that the probate court appoints a suitable person.

The executor of the will is the "decedent's representative on earth" and he ensures that the last will is implemented in accordance with the will. He normally has the job of properly administering the estate, settling it and dividing it among the heirs as well as fulfilling any legacy.

The advantage of having the will executed is that the executor is independent and if necessary he can make dispositions to follow the instructions in the will against the will of the heirs.

However he is accountable to the heirs and must draw up an inventory of the estate. If he violates his obligations he is liable for compensation towards the heirs.

If you are considering requiring your will to be executed in order to safeguard the instructions in your will, we will be happy to advise you and also at a later date to act as the executors.

What qualifies us for this task?

As professional estate administrators we are by the nature of things constantly dealing with the administration and settlement of estates. As legal advisors we check and design wills and succession planning with execution of the will if so desired and if it makes sense.

We therefore offer experience and specialist legal knowledge before and after the testator's death. In addition lawyer Jens Petersen is a certified executor through the Association of Will Executors (AGT) and through numerous courses and further education qualifications, and he is recommended by the AGT as an executor.

We have already taken on the role of executors many times both for courts and for private individuals, among them some with large property portfolios or complicated apportionment of the estate.

Currently (2012) we are conducting five major will executions and are providing legal support for three others. Among them there is also one case where the estate contains a medium-sized company.

"Settling our father's estate with company, property and holiday home in Spain is something we could never have managed on our own - thanks to Mr. Petersen everything went smoothly."

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