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International settlement

If the estate or part of it is abroad, knowledge of the foreign legal system and local contacts are essential in order to transfer the assets to the heirs in a legal and tax-efficient manner  and if necessary to sell them.

In the case of an international inheritance the starting point for deliberations is usually German international private law (IPR). Here German legislation determines which law is to be applied if the decedent was a foreigner but owned assets in Germany or if a German decedent possessed assets abroad.

In many cases an estate split is applied, i.e. part of the estate is subject to German law and the other part to foreign law.

This is often the case with land ownership as all countries universally subject land owned in their country to their own local law.

It is also possible that, for example, both German law and foreign law could apply to the movable estate (money, inventory, valuables) and compete with each other.

Die Lösung und Abwicklung eines internationalen Erbfalles ist ohne Kooperationspartner im Ausland nicht möglich, allein aufgrund der naturgemäss nicht für alle Länder verfügbaren Sprach- und Ortskenntnisse.

It is not possible to solve and settle an international inheritance case without having partners abroad, if only due to the fact that by the nature of things it is not possible to know every language and every place.
With a constantly growing number of partners, e.g. in Spain, France, Italy, USA, Switzerland, Turkey, etc., we can also offer you one-stop settlement of your foreign estate.

Introductory Act BGB = German Civil Code

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"Settling our father's estate with company, property and holiday home in Spain is something we could never have managed on our own - thanks to Mr. Petersen everything went smoothly."

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